28 and Feeling Great

My first birthday home in almost a decade, and holy granola... it was such a happy day.

June 12, 1989 - What a day to be alive! Probably the best day of the year, well for me anyways… the magical day that I decided to come hang out and dish my presence out in this world! 


I’ve managed to make it 28 years on this planet so far, with few regrets and so much excitement at looking forward at what’s yet to come. Each year passing I look back and remember all the events that transpired throughout the previous year, and in the end it always makes me smile at what an amazing adventure it’s been overall. 


This year is the first year I’ve spent at home for my birthday in 8 years and as big of an ordeal birthdays usually are, I had no expectations for mine. All I wanted was the day off of work and to just hang out with good people, have an adventure and drink champagne, and that’s exactly what I did.

2 of my sisters took the day to hang out with me and we decided to go waterfall hunting, because there a loads of them around the area! (Check it out here for the full list of all the waterfalls in Hamilton) We hopped in the car and went for a drive to see if we could find some waterfalls to snap some photos in front of. At this point in the day I was set on taking a photo in front of a waterfall in my birthday suit, on my birthday drinking birthday champagne..I aim high in life apparently.


We chose one out of a handful that we thought would be neat to check out, and with all the rain we’ve been getting over the last 2 months, they were going to be full, flowing and at their prime of the year! The winning waterfall was Princess Falls which is 7m high and surrounded by beautiful limestone that creates the picturesque framework of nature. As we reached our destination and began walking down the little trail that was tucked off into the outskirts of the park grass and almost hidden, we took maybe 10 steps and I jokingly said “I can hear the falls!” as we could hear the faintest sound of a small trickling stream, to which my sisters replied with something along the lines of “you’ve got to be kidding me”. 

As we came around a corner and into a more open space, it dawned on me that my joke 20 seconds earlier was in actuality, no joke at all. We had reached our destination and the promise of a 7 metre high waterfall turned out to be more along the lines of a 7 foot high waterfall with barely more than a trickle of water going over the edge. This whole birthday suit and champagne photo just was not looking to work out in my favour. 

The sunshine was leaving us in a few hours, it was still a steamy day out and we decided to go somewhere and have a guaranteed good time. It’s a place a friend of mine brought me to last summer, along the creek with stone ruins of what used to be a bridge, the creek right beside the bank is a soft spot where the current is mellow and you can just float in your tube without being swept downstream, and sheltered from wind under the canopy of the trees and against the ruins - there’s a fire pit - it’s the perfect spot to spend a hot summers day and bonfire into the starry nights. And this is where we decided to spend the rest of the afternoon. 

We took the 15 minute walk down to the waterside, which takes us atop the ridge of the small hills so we’re able to look into the ravines and over the creek as it bends and winds throughout the forest. With some of the most beautiful moss and vine covered trees next to the pathway, you can’t help but be taken somewhere in your imagination - a realm where faeries and magic exist. Even at night it’s magical when, beneath the starry skies and the canopy, are more fireflies than you’re able to count who light up the path for you. 

But alas, we were there while the sun was still up and left before it said goodnight, so we just had fun splashing around in the water and drinking champagne for birthday celebrations.

I've been told multiple times that "you're only as old as you feel" this year for my birthday, I'm not sure if it's the wrinkles or greh hair that's pushing people to say that, but I'm 28 and I'm feelin' friggin great!

And, although it was lacking a waterfall, I’m definitely happy with my birthday photo.

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