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I'm quirky, easily excitable, always adventurous, forever itching to travel, eager to face new challenges, always happy to make new friends, experience new things and usually have a smile on my face. 

I decided to start my own little travel blog to keep my friends and family updated on my travels at their own leisure - with photos, words and film. I'm just getting started with it, but I'll be putting a little bit of everything in from my day to day adventures at home and around the world.

When I decided to move back to my home area of Niagara - I wanted to figure out a way to share this beautiful part of the world with locals and tourists alike. I have a love for taking photos, a passion for sharing new places with others and can't get enough of driving big vehicles - so combining these three things, I created BPT Tours. A beautiful little limo bus perfect to take anyone around for weddings, birthdays, winery or brewery tours or even just to have an afternoon adventure with your friends. It's a fun and safe way to travel the area, super affordable and plus... you get your own photographer on the day trips? HELLO, yes please! 


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About Me

Limo party bus & photographer extraordinaire of Niagara! (Or trying to be anyways...) Telling my stories through taking photos and running a successful company here in Niagara, come explore the area and let's have some fun!


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