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Basic BPT Tours Costs

**Operating ONLY within the Greater Niagara Region**


• Hourly rate - $150.00 (flat rate with taxes included)

• Minimum 2 hours required for booking

• Photos - Complimentary (because I'm an amateur and because you're beautiful)

• All bookings include pickup and drop-off in St Catharines, additional travel time to pickup locations outside of St. Catharines will be done in half hour increments. 


A 20% non-refundable deposit will be taken upon booking that will confirm your date & time. The remainder of the full payment will be taken 1 week prior to booking date. And a final damage deposit of $300 will be taken 48 hours prior to pickup as a pre-authorization, once booking is finished and inspection of the vehicle is made, the money will be released back to the credit card. 


All bookings require a valid credit card to complete booking and hold the booking (20% deposit), as well as having a damage deposit processed. *see below for further details


General Rules When Booking BPT Tours

BPT Tours is dedicated to providing an enjoyable time for all parties involved. We pride ourselves in bringing communities together, providing a fun means for locals to get to know the Greater Niagara Region better by experiencing it through our private limo tours, and providing an extra method to bringing more business to local companies. 

As we build our business on relationships and respect, we want nothing but good vibes only on our trips! Please become a part of our family, please respect everything and everyone, please be a part of our relationship that we're building with our local community.


Our main rule is respect :

• Respect for the vehicle

• Respect for the driver

• Respect for the destinations

• Respect for the people at the destinations

• Respect for the products at the destinations


We are operating on a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to respect. If guests show disrespect in any form, it will result in immediate removal from the vehicle with no money back, the booking will be immediately terminated, guests will not be welcome back and guests will be required to find an alternative method of transportation to return home. And if needed, the police will be brought into the situation.


This includes, but is not limited, to the following : 

• Crude language

• Verbal assault against any staff members, individuals, properties or products

• Sexual assault of any kind

• Risk of safety for everyone near by

• Nudity

• Physical abuse to the driver, vehicle or properties

• Alcoholic negligence 

Additionally our other safety rules are as follows :

• The door to the driver is to stay closed at ALL times while the vehicle is in motion

• Do NOT open any emergency windows unless there is an emergency

• Zero smoking tolerated in the vehicle

• A garbage receptacle is provided, please use it 

Privacy Policy for Both Paths Travelled & BPT Tours

Both Paths Travelled is not a source of definitive travel information but is a source of entertainment which follows the travels and life of Mirjana Wright that includes travel suggestions. But as a traveller - it is your sole responsibility to thoroughly research trips, activities and travel requirements for desired destinations. 

All photos, video footage and writings are that of Mirjana Wright through personal travels and endeavours. 

Should you desire to share, promote or use any content found on Both Paths Travelled's website or other social media accounts, please contact Mirjana Wright directly for permission and give due credit -- but seriously though, all advertisement of content is welcome. Just give us a shout and let's get you what you need! 

Any photos taken while on BPT Tours bookings by Mirjana Wright will be sent to the person who booked the trip, but will be used as Mirjana Wright sees fit for marketing purposes only. There will never be any incriminating or distasteful footage or photos released by BPT Tours. 


Booking Policy for BPT Tours

Bookings must be made a minimum of 24 hours prior to desired pickup time. Although, should you desire same day bookings - please phone and I'll do all I can to get you your desired time!

Bookings must be completed with the following information:

- date, time & length of booking

- full name- number of passengers

- contact information (phone number and email)

- pick-up/drop-off addresses

- desired destinations throughout tour

- valid credit card details.

Full payment will be taken one week prior to the event and the full amount will be charged to the credit card on file (unless otherwise agreed upon)

In order to complete and hold a booking - a valid credit card is required. 20% immediate payment is required upon booking, a pre-authorization for the minimum 2 hour booking will be completed 48 hours prior to scheduled time. A pre-authorization is not a payment, but is a hold on the credit card - when guests are dropped off at the final destination, and after an inspection of the vehicle is made with no damage done this hold will be released. 

As I have created this company in order to promote local businesses and provide you, as a guest, a great experience with comfortable means of transportation and due to the fact that I take great pride in my customer service and satisfaction - I'd like to know that I have personally decided not to implement the automatic 10% gratuity to my bills that most other companies do. I want you, as a guest, to tip as you see fit - and to not feel I have taken that decision away from you. Tipping is not mandatory, but it is greatly appreciated!


Should you wish to have your destinations booked by BPT Tours - an additional $20 will be included in the total cost of your booking. 


As well, most other transportation companies take a large non-refundable deposit at the time of booking and take full payment 2 weeks prior to the booked date, this is not the case for BPT Tours. In order to continue carrying these minimal booking and cancellation policies for your benefit as a customer - I kindly ask you to please advise me as early as possible should you suspect the need to cancel so I am able to cater to other guests and continue running a successful business.


Accepted forms of payment are: Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Debit, Debit Visa, Canadian and USD (cash accepted at par) must be pre-negotiated, and any international currencies can be paid via any of the cards mentioned above if desired - exchange rate and extra fees will apply.


Cancellation Policy

• Bookings cancelled within 7 days prior to your scheduled pickup time - the full payment will be non-refundable.  

• Bookings that are cancelled before the 7 day time frame will not be charged aside the non-refundable deposit . 

• Bookings using third party companies (yoga instructors) cancelled within 7 days prior to scheduled time will be charged 50% of the total cost of the third party services on top of the full payment. 


Most other transportation companies take a non-refundable deposit at the time of booking and take full payment 2 weeks prior to the booked date, this is not the case for BPT Tours. In order to continue carrying these minimal booking and cancellation policies for your benefit as a customer - we kindly ask you to please advise me as early as possible should you suspect the need to cancel so we are able to cater to other guests and continue running a successful business.


Privacy Policy

BPT Tours offers the option of having your driver double as a photographer for the duration of your day bookings. In so doing, BPT Tours will be using the captured and shared photos for promotional and marketing purposes. 


BPT Tours will not publish incriminating photos or footage of guests, but will use material that promotes both companies and guests involved in a dignified manner. 

Liability Policies

The companies suggested by BPT Tours have been positively experienced by Mirjana Wright, but are just that - suggestions. BPT Tours will not be held accountable for any incidents involving any of these third party companies.


As the staff of BPT Tours will be interacting with the guests throughout the booking, should the staff member in any way feel physically threatened or endangered by the passengers or is concerned for the safety of the vehicle - they are not obligated to continue service or re-allow access to the vehicle. Should this incur, the passengers will need to find an alternate method of transportation and the pre-authorization of the credit card that was used to hold the booking will be completed and there will be no refund. 


As BPT Tours is an established company providing private transportation - the vehicle, company and passengers are covered with insurance in place should anything transpire. 


BPT Tours provides safe transportation to/from a multitude of destinations and does not condone any drinking and driving. Offering multiple destination drop offs is our way of opening up services to locals and reducing the need for driving after a day spent indulging in alcoholic beverages. Once the guest exits the vehicle at a pre-determined location, BPT Tours recants any accountability for guests' actions as the services have come to an end.

BPT Tours re-iterates all safety requirements at the beginning of each booking. We ask you to kindly stay seated while the vehicle is in motion, just in case there is need for any sudden stops or movements of the vehicle - you as a guest are seated safely.

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