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Updated: Dec 1, 2018

With Trip Advisor, Facebook & Survey comments... we got them all for ya in one place!

You can find both of our review pages here :

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“Mirjana was so personal. She made everyone feel special and had extremely good customer service skills!”

“Mirjana was perfection. She made us feel totally comfortable, was super down to earth, easy to talk to and get along with, and struck a great balance between keeping us on time for our various reservations and not making us feel like we were on the clock. I would 100% attend a tour with her again!”

And if you've toured around with us and BPT Tours -- it's not a long one, but it's a survey to help me improve my business that would mean a lot if you could take a minute and answer the 7 questions. The short survey can be found right here!

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Limo party bus & photographer extraordinaire of Niagara! (Or trying to be anyways...) Telling my stories through taking photos and running a successful company here in Niagara, come explore the area and let's have some fun!


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