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Updated: Jul 25, 2019

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This is a project I've been working on bringing into fruition for over 2 full years and it's finally happened. I've become a business owner and I couldn't be more thrilled about it!

BPT Tours is fully licensed & officially operating in the Greater Niagara Region!

Incorporating my blog name Both Paths Travelled into my company name... I basically just added Tours onto the end of my blog name, and you know what? 

It works. 

B.P.T. Tours - for short. 

BPT Tours is a new company to the Niagara Region, focused on providing a fun way to explore the area and showcase the flavours, sights and activities this beautiful part of the world has to offer.

With room for up to 15 passengers, this luxury limo bus will pick you and your friends up anywhere in Niagara and take you around to anywhere in Niagara. Creating a fun and unique way for our locals to discover more about the companies within our community, while also providing a safe method of transportation!

As a travelling tour guide moving home, owner [Mirjana], decided to combine some of the things she's passionate about into one company : tour guiding, heavy vehicle operating, and a newly discovered passion - photography.

As you take a tour around Niagara to whatever destinations you desire, with sufficient parking space provided and allowable room to maneuver, Mirjana joins your group as you complete your wine tastings, beer tours or trip along the 9-hole golf course, and she brings her camera equipment to snap some fun candid photos of you enjoying your time with BPT Tours!

These photos are edited and placed into online albums which are then linked to a follow-up email, as well as posted periodically throughout our social media pages. This follow-up email that's sent to the contact of the booking, recapping the adventures and laughs had, providing easy link access to the review pages (which they hopefully leave for you to read!) and the direct webpage with all the edited photos.

BPT Tours :

A way to see Niagara through the eyes of a local.

Taste Niagara directly from the plates and cups of a local.

Discovering the sights Niagara has to offer with a group of friends, with nothing to worry about except to have a good time.

Created as a local - a traveller that has finally come home - who wants to share her home region with both locals and tourists alike. 

About Me

Limo party bus & photographer extraordinaire of Niagara! (Or trying to be anyways...) Telling my stories through taking photos and running a successful company here in Niagara, come explore the area and let's have some fun!


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