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BPT Tours is fully licensed & officially operating in the Greater Niagara Region! 

Having a blast through our second year of operations already, we are so eager to see where this goes and where we're able to take you!

Operating as a "glorified limo service" if you will, we are a luxury limo service to take you door to door. We can coordinate your tastings & tours with our partnered venues if you wish (that you can find here), transfer your bridal party around on your wedding day, get you to your golf tournaments, to celebrate almost any occasion, we are there to get you safe and sound from point a to be and everywhere in between! 

Our company feature to stand out?  Where possible - our driver-guide will join your group on your adventures and act as your personal photographer for the course of the booking! 

These photos get edited and sent to you afterwards AND are included with the cost of the booking! 

• Operating at a flat rate of $150 per hour - taxes included. 

• Pickup & Drop-off in St. Catharines included - travel time for outside of St. Catharines in half hour increments. 

• Any tasting & tour fees go directly to the destinations you choose to visit 

Room for up to 15 passengers at a time - with a full private leather interior, wrap around horseshoe bench seating, complete sound system, and a plethora of other unadvertised amenities that we're excited to share with you as we welcome you aboard!

With our rate, we don't have any hidden or additional booking fees similar to other transportation companies. 


We don't add in any automatic gratuities like other companies do, we want you to feel that we haven't taken that decision away from you and to tip as you see fit if you're happy with the services we've provided throughout the course of your booking. 

You can hire BPT Tours by the hour, create your own itinerary, smile for the camera and enjoy the ride!

Please be sure to read our policies regarding the rules & regulations we expect to be followed while out having fun together!

rates & services

$150 per hour

Photos & transportation included!

Still wondering if BPT Tours is the company you want to book or not? Maybe a little back story of the company owner and why BPT Tours was created will help you further with your decision. 

Born and raised in St. Catharines, at the age of 19 under the belief that Niagara was "boring" Mirjana left to go travelling, working and living abroad for 8 years to build an eclectic resume and find excitement in life. Tour guiding across Canada, the United States and internationally throughout Central America - from taking grade 8 students on week long school trips, to multi-cultural tour groups of over 50 people on border crossings, to backpacking groups in a non-English speaking countries, coordinating excursions, transportation and international flights. Having driven across Canada 13 times, moving to Australia and operating as a truck driver while also driving a multitude of other heavy machinery - and finding solace and serenity in doing so. Running a travel blog for 5 years - a love of writing, reviewing and photo taking that built up a beautiful stockpile of memories. 


And after all of these experiences, upon returning to Niagara in 2016 and discovering that there is so much magic and beauty in the area - she created BPT Tours. A name stemming off the travel blog she worked on for so long - Both Paths Travelled, going to all mainstream and popular places as well as the ones that are off the beaten path. Using a beautiful little limo bus, a pleasant surprise of what's held inside after walking into it (never judge a book by its cover, right??), BPT Tours is a new business that was designed to take locals around, to provide a way to encourage more support to local companies and businesses, to be the bridge between boredom and supporting local while having a great time.

Maybe you're still looking for a little more validation to BPT Tours and if it's worth it for you to book and have a great time with your friends & family? Take a peek at all of our reviews that you can find ->> here <<- from Facebook to TripAdvisor and a few words of praise from some friendly emails.

We mentioned our average hourly rate above, $150 per hour, we have a few additional or discounted rates that could potentially apply to your booking that we'd like to bring to your attention. Although rate includes your pick up and drop off being in St. Catharines, who's to say you're not in need of a pick up from Niagara Falls or Beamsville? We are more than happy to do that! Although we do account for our additional travel time to get to you and to get back to our yard at the end of the day - working time is not free time, and some of the addresses in Niagara can add up to an additional hour and a half for our drivers. But we're still able to offer you door to door services with this! 

Discounted rates go hand in hand with our multi day bookings, wedding services and our V.I.RePeat Guests. The more you book - the more you're discounted! 


Multi day bookings vary on discounted rates depending on how many hours a day and how many days you're confirming for. 


Wedding service discounts are applied to the all day wedding bookings - you can find all wedding service information on >> this page << .


For our fabulous customers who have booked us multiple times, for smaller amounts each booking - we have a happy discount for you that we're so excited to give you! We keep our hours with you logged and when you hit the magic number - 15 hours - BANG. Check out our VIRePeat Guest details >> right here <<

average booking rates

Wine Toasting
Dinner Party
Wedding Embrace
Conference Crowd

If you're looking for some more answers to any questions you have, we have a very thorough Frequently Asked Questions page that may interest you. It explains all the nitty gritty goodness, and will give you some insight and erase any doubt that you may have about booking with us. And in the off chance that we haven't answered your question - you're dang good, and please don't hesitate to get in touch to ask us!

Call/text 905-993-0443

Email : mirjana@bpttours.com

and book your adventure with BPT Tours today! 


BPT Tours :


A way to see Niagara through the eyes of a local.

Taste Niagara directly from the plates and cups of a local.

Discovering the sights Niagara has to offer with a group of friends, with nothing to worry about except to have a good time.


Created as a local - a traveller that has finally come home - who wants to share her home region with both locals and tourists alike. 

Driven as a tour guide taking care of her fellow locals to deliver you smoothly & safely to your destination.

About Me

Limo party bus & photographer extraordinaire of Niagara! (Or trying to be anyways...) Telling my stories through taking photos and running a successful company here in Niagara, come explore the area and let's have some fun!


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