Bored & Unsure What to do this Summer?

How about checking out some of these things and crossing off what you can? Taking photos during each little challenge checkmar and then by the end of the summer, you've got your own collection of summertime adventure memories. 

Midge’s Summer To Do List…

☐20km bike ride around the waterfront (Welland Canal, Hamilton or Toronto)

☐Write and perform a play in the backyard

✓Read a book out loud with friends

☐Do 5 different hikes around Niagara

☐Make my own ice cream

☐Make homemade lemonade 

✓Create an outdoor scavenger hunt for friends (pub crawl scavenger hunt or a photo scavenger hunt?)

✓Sleep under the stars and learn the constellations

☐Learn to juggle

☐Make kinetic sand

☐Try an edible science activity

☐Make a mural with sidewalk chalk

☐Build a faerie garden

☐Plant seeds using biodegradable seed pods (egg cartons, lemon rinds, newspaper)

☐Make popsicles

☐Make bacon s’mores

✓Watch fireworks (Canada’s 150 along the Welland Canal!)

☐Repurpose as many materials as possible that aren’t used anymore

✓Watch the sunset on the water

☐Watch a storm on the water

☐Go lake fishing! 

☐Watch the meteor showers of the summer **

☐Finger paint a painting

☐Do an outdoor paint night on canvas with friends and sangria

☐Go bird watching with binoculars 

☐Look through a telescope at the stars

☐Build a photo booth for friends 

✓Go to as many drive-in movies as possible

☐Have a picnic in the park

☐Catch a jar full of fireflies (let them free at the end of the night of course)

☐Fly a kite

☐Write a book

☐Find vintage jewelry at the flea market

☐Crafternoons on rainy days

☐Make cards (“just because” cards)

✓Dance around in a sprinkler

☐Build a sandcastle at the beach

✓Make flashcards and learn another language (LATVIAN!!!)

☐Make homemade pasta

✓Sleep in a tent

☐Take a tour in a factory

☐Overcome a fear

☐Read at least 10 books

☐Ride on a carousel

☐Build an outdoor fort

☐Play flashlight tag

☐Buy ice cream from the ice cream man

☐Plant flowers

☐Paint rocks 

✓Climb a tree

☐Have a rootbeer float for dessert

☐Make vodka watermelon

✓Go on a date with mom and dad

☐Take a picture of a butterfly

☐Eat breakfast in bed

☐Watch airplanes take off (Hamilton, Toronto Island or Niagara airports)

☐Visit an open house

☐Go berry picking 

✓Go canoeing and kayaking

☐Open mic night at a cafe (Mahtay)

☐Tube down a river (Elora river or Welland Canal lazy river)

☐Go rollerblading

✓Have a tinfoil dinner (Brighton - Salmon & Asparagus with lemon, butter & salt/pepper with Zommers)

☐Jump in as many great lakes as possible

☐Run a 10k by the end of the summer

☐Visit as many National Parks as possible (5 in Ontario!)

☐Go skydiving

☐Get up in a helicopter

☐Make a bed in the back of a truck and star gaze

☐Go skinny dipping in as many bodies of water as possible (only 2 so far)

☐Set off a floating lantern

✓Make my own sushi

☐Drink a smoothie in a pineapple

✓Plan an adventure/event day for friends

✓Make tye-dye shirts

☐Eat from as many food trucks as possible

☐Go zip-lining (Niagara Falls?)

☐Find a 4-leaf clover

✓Pick wildflowers (Made a vaiņags!)

☐Complete a Pinterest craft

☐Take a dance class (salsa??)

☐Volunteer at the local shelter

☐Spend a day in a mini pool 

☐Do yoga at sunrise 

☐Take a photo in front of as many waterfalls as possible **

✓Attend my first Blue Jays game since 8 years old (Dauds Laimes Maris!)

☐Cloud watch for an afternoon

☐Go grape stomping

☐Sit and watch a ship go through a lock in the Welland Canal and out the final lock into Lake Erie

☐Send snail mail to international friends

☐Attend a comedy night

☐Create my own music video

☐Write a song

☐Sew a dress and a bathing suit

☐Go on Maid of the Mist for the first time (now called the Hornblower)

☐Take a tour of a fire station (bring Grandpa who used to be Chief)

☐Row in a single and try not to flip it

✓Spend a weekend at a cottage (Thank you Phillips' & Al for having me up)

What else do you think should be added onto this list??

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