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Weddings are a very special day, full of memories, delicious foods, fine wines, fun music, teary eyes, heart swoons and nothing short of magic. 


We want these days to be perfect - for the bride & groom, for their family, for their closest friends, for everyone who is a part of this special day. And these special days, no matter who you are or what part you play in them, we all want to see a perfectly executed and a flawless wedding in every regard (not to say without a little excitement!), and we're here to help in our own way!


Mirjana, owner of BPT Tours, has been a part of multiple weddings - both as a guest, a bridesmaid & now a transportation service here in Niagara. If you're looking for quality service, a friendly face to greet you on your big day and a knowledgable person who will guide you across the region, following your day's schedule while ensuring you arrive to your wedding venue safely, on time & as stress free as we can possibly help you be? Look no further, because here at BPT Tours - we specialize in all of the above, plus a little extra!


Coordinating your transportation to your wedding venue, for both bridesmaids & groomsmen, including photographers and incorporating their schedules with the bridal party preparations, allowing for comfortable timing without room for feeling rushed so as to not to add to any wedding day jitters, and for some days - ensuring your guests are able to get to the ceremony and home again at the end of the evening!

• $150 per hour to pick up, drop off & shuttle guests*

• $100 per hour at venue, vehicle parked & snapping candid photos of your guests

Edited photos included in rates!

BPT Tours is fully licensed & officially operating in the Greater Niagara Region! 

Having a blast through our second year of operations already, we are so eager to see where this goes and where we're able to take you!

Operating as a "glorified limo service" if you will, we are a luxury limo service to take you door to door. We can coordinate your special day with your photographer's schedule, being there for your first look, beginning of the ceremony, shuttling your guests from hotel to venue, we are there to get you safe and sound from point a to be and everywhere in between! 

Our company feature to stand out?  Where possible - our driver-guide will join your group on your adventures and act as your personal photographer for the course of the booking! 

These photos get edited and sent to you afterwards AND are included with the cost of the booking! 

• Operating at a flat rate of $150 per hour - taxes included. 

• Pickup & Drop-off in St. Catharines included - travel time for outside of St. Catharines in half hour increments. 

• Photos are included for longer wedding services that are booked for beginning & end of evening transportation

Room for up to 15 passengers at a time - with a full private leather interior, wrap around horseshoe bench seating, complete sound system, and a plethora of other unadvertised amenities that we're excited to share with you as we welcome you aboard!

With our rate, we don't have any hidden or additional booking fees similar to other transportation companies. 


We don't add in any automatic gratuities like other companies do, we want you to feel that we haven't taken that decision away from you and to tip as you see fit if you're happy with the services we've provided throughout the course of your booking. 

You can hire BPT Tours by the hour, create your own itinerary, smile for the camera and enjoy the ride!


Please be sure to read our policies regarding the rules & regulations we expect to be followed while out having fun together!

As wedding days can be very stressful, this is our basic break down as to how we coordinate for your big day - a quick couple answers to a few questions that your inquiring minds might like to know! 


How much does it cost for the wedding day?

• Packages vary in cost by desired lengths of time, although a minimum 2 hour booking is required.

• Packages can be solely transportation - one way, both ways, shuttles for guests, whatever transportation needs you have - if we can meet them, we will!

• Packages can include our driver-photographer taking candid photos in between transportation services!

• For hours where the vehicle is mobile - it is a flat rate of $150 per hour

• For hours in between transportation and the vehicle is stationary - it is a flat rate of $100 per hour


What's included in the cost?

• Coordinated transportation schedule for your big day.

• Vehicle amenities - bottled water, ice for any beverages you'd like provided, full sound system, garbage bin to put away any waste that's accrued to keep your space nice and tidy!

• Depending on the package you choose to book - our candid photographer is included for in between transportation times!

• For packages where we take photos in between scheduled transportation times, should you require - the vehicle is there to be used, and the rate will be adjusted to the mobile hour rate.


Why do you need to know our wedding photographers schedule & all the addresses that we're going to be at?

• We take a look at your photographers schedule and at your wedding venue's schedule, we look at your addresses for where your bridal parties are getting ready and where your ceremony is taking place, and we also look at our travel times between all the addresses provided. 

• After looking at both the photographers schedule, your ceremony schedule & travel times between them all - we assess whether or not we may require a little bit more time to get you and your parties to your venue on time. 


Can we book you for both our wedding photos AND transportation?!

• Unfortunately we are not considering ourselves professional photographers and enjoy it as more of a hobby! 

• Our photos we capture are more fun and in the moment photos, rather than structured and poised photos. 

• The photos we take will be coordinated in spaces where your hired photographers are not. We do not want to encroach on their professionalism and fully support their skills and want you to have the best of everything for your big day! We'd just like to provide the opportunity to have the general areas having some photos snapped of your happy guests when your photographers are busy elsewhere - that way, we're both capturing your fun memories of the day!

What happens if our actual needed time goes over our booked time? 

• Don't worry, we're not going to leave you or anyone stranded! If you require extra time, or want to extend intentionally - that's quite alright! 

• The additional time will just be settled the following business day, with an updated invoice provided for you.

• We dedicate the entirety of the day to you if you're booking transportation services at the beginning of your ceremony as well as any return transportation. 


What do you need to know in order to complete a quote?

• Your initial pick up address

• All addresses for pickups & venue drop off

• All contact information - one for maid of honour as well as best man for the day of! This will keep you informed on our travel time to pick you up, and allow someone else in your party to coordinate the travel so as to leave less stress to you both

• Valid credit card information 

We want to use you for our bridal party's thank you trip, but already have our wedding transportation booked... is it okay to use you if there's someone else we're already booking with too?

• Of COURSE! We're here for whatever your needs may be - and if you have something already booked with another company, we're happy you have everything covered! 

• If you're looking for a fun way to say thank you to your bridal party for everything they've helped you with, we're here for that too. Even if you've booked your big day with someone else!

• All in all, we're thrilled to be a part of your big day in any way that we can be! And we would love to see your day flawless, whether with us or another company! 

If you've got anymore questions about booking with BPT Tours

please feel free to check out our FAQ page with all the information you might need! 


And if you'd like to take a look at our reviews,

from real life paying guests we've had over the course of the last few months - you can find them all >> here << 


If there's anything you'd like to ask directly - please don't hesitate in either giving us a call, text message or email

905-993-0443 or mirjana@bpttours.com

Beautiful Wedding Venues

We are beginning this new website set up with our review pages for each of our feature service companies - please be patient as we're coordinating on creating pages for multiple properties and want it to be just perfect for you!

It will be set up as is shown below and filled in with information as we can provide! 

You will find personal reviews on a lovely variety of wedding venues to visit and explore throughout the Greater Niagara Region.

As it is an ever growing list of places to go to sample the amazing uniqueness in the area - please let us know if there's somewhere you know that you'd like to see included in our feature page below!



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